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Bible Study Routines To Better Connect With God

The Driven In Her Purpose Podcast
Are you a new mom or caregiver? Then you know that your time is more limited then ever in this season. No need to worry sister, there are three bible study hacks that helped me during my time of being a new mom. This is a beautiful season for you, it's God's purpose for you and He entrusted you with this responsibility and believes in you! Keep or even grow your connection with Him even with your limited time by tuning into this episode that will make a powerful difference in your life and in your relationship with God!   Ready to connect with God even more DEEPLY? Ready for Breakthrough Bible Study-even with limited time? Then download my free R.E.A.D. Bible Study Guide and Journal!   Looking for an authentic and encouraging community with other women just like you who want to create amazing bible study routines? Join us over at my community: The Intentional Christian Woman    
  1. 3 Bible Study Hacks For New Moms and Caregivers
  2. Addicted To Your Phone? 5 Bible Verses Plus Tips To Help You Break FREE & Get Focused!
  3. 7-Step Spiritual Battleplan to Defeat the Enemy, Spiritual Warfare, and Strongholds from Psalms 18 w/Stefanie Gass
  4. How Do You Meditate With a Busy Schedule? 3 Bible Verses and One EASY Hack to Help You Get Started!
  5. Feeling Sick or Exhausted? 3 Simple Ways To Connect With God and His Word.
  6. Too Tired for God’s Word? Tips For Creating Energy and Setting Healthy Boundaries w/Grace Tran
  7. Welcome to The Intentional Christian Woman Podcast!
  8. Making Room for God’s Word
  9. Do I Need To Have a Quiet Time Every Day? 3 Bible Verses That Can Help You Answer This Question!
  10. The Power of Prayer Journaling w/Dominique Okonkwo

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