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  • How Do We Reignite Our Faith In Trying Times?

    I know what it’s like to lose faith. To lose a little faith and to lose a lot of faith. I’ve been in both places. It’s tough because sometimes the solution is more than just: “pray some more” or “read more scriptures”. Sometimes there are deep wells that go beyond doing what we would normally […]

  • Couldn’t Escape This Thing Called “COVID”

    As I write this mini blog post, I’m literally in the midst of battling this thing called “COVID”. You know what’s ironic though? Being a public schools teacher I thought that if I ever caught this thing, that it would be while in the classroom. I mean seriously! But nope! That’s not when I caught […]

  • How I Lost 3 Lbs. In 5 Days

    Many of you have read my article from last year: “How I lost 16 Lbs in 3 months”. That was such a victory for me and it definitely was a more steady work in progress. Today, I’ll share with you something that happened just last week with just a few minor adjustments. Enjoy this “live” […]

  • Get Outside To Rest and Reset!

    Alright, so here’s the update on my self care “up leveling”. Almost 2 months ago I made a decision and completed an action plan to up level my self care. Why? Because I was DONE. I was DONE coming home exhausted only to give my family my tired self. I was DONE feeling the anxiety […]

  • Stunning Radiance:

    Why Self Care Includes Skin Care October of 2020 was a very important month for me. It was the month I finally started taking better care of my skin! Did you know that only 20 percent of signs of aging are caused by actual “aging” and that the other 80 percent are caused by outside […]

  • Real Talk: How’s Your Health?

    Today we are having a real talk and a very important conversation about prioritizing our health. I KNOW so many of us are just not doing what we need to do for the sake our our physical, emotional, and mental well being. I’ve been there and now I’m taking those steps because I am DONE […]

  • 21 Days of Living Sugar Free PLUS An Intermittent Fast

    So if you were to tell me 2 months ago that one day I would actually do an intermittent fast AND eliminate sugars I would have laughed-hysterically! Okay so first of all, why did I do this? Well, for one, my church community decided it would be a good idea to do a church wide […]