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Hi! I’m Rosie

I’m a Jersey girl, but mostly raised in Miami, Florida. I’m the oldest of 4 children born to a caring mom who is Puerto Rican and a wonderful dad who is Peruvian. Raised for 14 years in New Jersey until my family moved down to Miami.

I’m a disciple of Christ (AKA a Christian). I was baptized into Christ at 18. I was restored after leaving Christ for 4 years (listen to/read my restoration story on my podcast for more). I am an active member and family group (small group) leader (along with my husband) in the One Miami Church. I’ve helped many women study the bible and become disciples of Jesus. My heart hurts for women who have left God and so I want to help encourage their return with my story and my monthly biblical reflections. I have a special place in my heart for women who want to start using their gifts, talents, and/or life experiences to glorify God. I love helping women answer their calling confidently.

I’m a happy wife and mother of three. At 39, I married the love of my life and at 41 I had my third child-a beautiful little girl. I also have two wonderful boys/young men, born from my 1st marriage.

I’m an educator (MS. Ed), and a Certified Master Mindset Coach. I strongly believe that God has given us all gifts and that each of us are empowered to uniquely deliver our gifts. I started my first business in 2020 and I realized I was definitely meant to be an entrepreneur! Aside from being a proud middle school teacher, I also love seeing other faith driven teachers live out their “other purpose” to impact people even beyond the classroom. I also fell in love with podcasting at the start of 2021, which is why I have my 2 podcasts!

My spiritual passion and mission is to help encourage my sisters in the Christ who have lost their fire for the Word of God. The #1 thing that helps me stay strong in the Lord is being intentional about reading his word daily. I want to help you do the same!

To learn a little bit about me watch this short video above. This video was made under my original podcast name “Our Unveiled Faces” back in 2021.

If you want to connect with me and other like minded, women of faith, join our community group The Intentional Christian Woman on Facebook.

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