Reading The Bible Daily.

Should I read the bible every day? How important is it to do this? Is it even necessary? Ever ask yourself these questions?

I sure have!

So is there a simple answer? Actually there is. There’s also an answer for those times and seasons in our lives that make it more difficult to do this consistently.

The simple answer is a big YES. For the most part YES you should read your bible every day. It’s actually more than just “reading” your bible though. Do you know what the real goal is?

It’s simply to be able to fall more and more in love with God. Not the mushy feely type of love that we usually think about when we think about falling in love.

No, it is more of the type of love that comes with really getting to know someone. The more qualities we see in the person we are getting to know (and eventually marry), the more we fall in love with them.

Of course, once we fall in love, we have to continue learning about the ONE we fall in love with. It is a beautiful journey.

Allow me to share with you one more piece of good news.

The more you read the bible, the more you fall in love with actually READING the Word of God. YES, it’s true!

I’ve seen this prove true in my own life.

Allow me to help you get a little deeper with this article.

Join me for today’s podcast “Reading the Bible Daily: 2 Steps To Getting Into the Right Mindset” for more!

Oh! If you’re thinking about practical steps, I have got a treat for you. During this month I’ll be guiding you through a more practical approach so that you can make the consistent reading of the Word a daily practice that you’ll actually LOVE!

So are you ready? Then let’s do this!

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