How Do I Study The Bible?

As a Christian woman, you desire to get deeper into your bible but as a busy woman you may be struggling to do that. If that’s you, hear me out. There is a better way.

I have been doing this for years when I have my dates with God. Yes, you heard it. I go on dates with God. They usually happen on the weekends (mostly on Saturdays).

During my dates, I take a little more time to get deeper into the Word of God. I do this by something I call the R.E.A.D. bible study method. It’s an acronym I came up with to sum up what I already do.

As a teacher (MS. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction), I LOVE coming up with creative and more efficient ways for my students to learn. After prayer and counsel, I finally put together an easy to follow bible study guide that you can use to help deepen your understanding of God’s word and to be able to apply it effectively to your life.

In this method the acronym stands for the following:

R for Read, E for Engage, A for Apply, and D for Decide & Do

There are thought provoking questions that guide these steps to digging deeper to help you make more life changing decisions.

I have also added some journal pages with the questions so that you can write down your thoughts and answers.

The best part? It is totally free.

The second best part? You can dedicate as little or as much time as you decide-every day, or on the weekends. It’s up to you.

So if you’re ready to get deeper in the word of God in 2023 and you’re ready to take your relationship with God to the NEXT level, download it here.

After you use it, I would love some feedback. You can connect with me and other like minded through my free community The Intentional Christian Woman on Facebook.

Also, please do share this post with a friend you know will appreciate it.

Wishing you a Joy filled 2023 and a an even deeper relationship with our awesome God!

How Do I Study The Bible?

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