How Do We Reignite Our Faith In Trying Times?

I know what it’s like to lose faith. To lose a little faith and to lose a lot of faith. I’ve been in both places. It’s tough because sometimes the solution is more than just: “pray some more” or “read more scriptures”.

Sometimes there are deep wells that go beyond doing what we would normally do in trying times.

There are often mental blocks that affect our hearts and can keep us stagnant.

This is why I recently revamped my podcast Driven in Her Purpose.

I want to help women during these times and beyond.

As someone who understands these faith battles and as a certified master mindset coach I see solutions rather than than just challenges.

I am so happy to be coming to you with my first episode of season 3 (Episode 86) which will premiere on Monday 9/12/22.

I’ve been finally listening to God’s voice in the direction He wanted me to go with this podcast. It took me silencing the noise around me for a recent rest and reset and now I’m in this place ready to serve you with the mission God has given me.

What an honor and a privilege this is.

I’m so excited for what’s to come. Are you ready to join me and invite others who can use this encouragement?

Then join me on the my podcast page or your favorite podcast station and I’ll see you there!

PS. Want more than just the podcast? Want community? Join me women who want to live with intention:

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