Couldn’t Escape This Thing Called “COVID”

As I write this mini blog post, I’m literally in the midst of battling this thing called “COVID”.

You know what’s ironic though? Being a public schools teacher I thought that if I ever caught this thing, that it would be while in the classroom. I mean seriously!

But nope! That’s not when I caught it. Not even close!

It decided to come into our lives a few days before our summer trip as I finally got a start to my much anticipated summer break.

It seems to be that my husband caught it while at a pretty crowded restaurant (indoors) as he had lunch with a friend from church. Then he brought it home. Three days later, his symptoms began and the test was positive.

Two days after that our daughter had symptoms and a positive test and a day after that I had symptoms and I took the test the following day-also positive.

Okay, so as you may imagine our main worry was our daughter since she’s only 3 years old. However good news-she is healthy and strong and has gotten better quicker than we have!

My husband’s biggest struggle has been the fatigue and mine has been the coughing and sore throat-so annoying!

Thankfully though we have been slowly improving (we’re not as lucky as our 3 year old daughter who seems to have almost breezed right through it).

So I’m here reaching out to all you amazing people who follow my posts to share a little bit of my reality right now with you (thank you by the way for your patience as my written posts have been pretty much only monthly).

So you may be asking yourself-“Is she vaccinated?” YES-we both are. We have asthma so we have to be cautious with our health. However this “COVID beast” as I like to call it does not discriminate-it loves all kinds of people-big, small, vaccinated, non vaccinated, teachers, parents, students, you name it!

So be cautious out there my people! Well, be as cautious as you could be-quite frankly at this point I think we’re all bound to get it-kind of like the flu (sorry just this is me being a realist here).

The good news is that this version of the beast is not as powerful as others in the past so I’m optimistic. The other good news (for us) is that we were able to post pone our summer trip to next week without any additional fees. YEY!

Until next time-wishing you all a healthy and happy summer!

PS. Remember you can hear from me more often on my podcast so head on over there and listen in-I’ve got some good stuff coming your way.

HINT: The next one is about fitness so I think you’ll really like it 🙂

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