Get Outside To Rest and Reset!

Alright, so here’s the update on my self care “up leveling”.

Almost 2 months ago I made a decision and completed an action plan to up level my self care. Why? Because I was DONE.

I was DONE coming home exhausted only to give my family my tired self.

I was DONE feeling the anxiety and stress levels increasing by the week.

I was DONE getting sick due to my lack of rest.

I was DONE with the joy that my lack of rest was taking out from my spirit.

I was so DONE!

So I started implementing simple self care routines and breaks into my week after speaking with husband and communicating my written plan.

Now, while I still have a ways to go, I feel so much LESS GUILT about putting rest time into my days.

I am supported by those that love me because I communicated how important it was (not that I didn’t feel supported before but communication helped to up level the support).

I now feel more recovered than before on most days.

My next step will be implementing a consistent Sabbath.

My husband and I have been talking about implementing a morning or afternoon on the weekend to simply rest, for at least 5 hours straight.

I’m excited to continue to grow in this area of self care.

Above is a short vlog style video I made last Friday about enjoying rest-as I lay on my hammock outside enjoying God’s beautiful creation.

Getting outside is possible in ALL kinds of weather. I lived in New Jersey for 14 years and even then I went outside on cold days when the sun was out and enjoyed the moments.

Of course I’m blessed to be in South Florida (although you’ll barely ever catch me outside in the HOT summer months during the day-no way! Hey-no place is perfect right?)

Feel free to enjoy what I call my first official “Edu-vlog” found on my Driven in Her Purpose channel. Why? Because even driven women need and DESERVE time to rest. YES!

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