Imperfectly Consistent

Let me start with some questions: What talent and desire do you have that you want to use to the fullest in your life?

We all have talents, but do you really have the confidence to recognize and accept what they are? Do you embrace your gift(s)?

Do you have the desire to make a difference in this world with your talent? How big is this desire and how urgently do you want to carry it out?

I’ll admit this: I was aware of some of my talents but it wasn’t until I tried new things that I learned I had other “hidden” talents.

You see, I have inattentive ADD (ADHD).

This comes with many challenges: remembering things, following through with “to do lists”, not noticing details sometimes, and much more!


My strengths are these:

I am a RELIABLE person and I am a RESPONSIBLE person.

Most recently I grew into a CONSISTENT person.

I am imperfect in so many ways-I can’t even begin to count.

But I LOVE being educated. In the last year, I’ve spend much time learning from career coaches and mindset coaches how to be successful in business.

I learned that it takes time.

I learned that you have to take “messy action” and just get started.

I learned that it’s okay to be imperfect in business as long as I continue to grow, improve, and keep taking action.

The biggest lesson?

I’ve learned that CONSISTENCY is one of THE most important factors in achieving your goals/dreams.

Making a commitment is a part of it.

I committed to making 1 video/podcast a week on my YouTube channel and Podcast.

Since I started, I’ve been consistent, even during my busiest weeks.

I know my priorities on Saturday and Sunday mornings:

  1. To have my Date with God (studying the bible more in depth) and have deeper prayers to connect better with God.
  2. To Create and/or Edit my weekly videos/podcasts.

I know all this has to get done before my kids wake up.

I know I work best (with a clearer mind) in the mornings-so this works for me.

Being reliable and responsible was just the beginning.

I had to decide to be committed.

I had to decide to be consistent.

So, what if you’re not there yet?

No need to fear or worry.

It’s never too late!

You can start today-or this week-or this month!

Just start.

Take imperfect action.

Make the commitment.

Be consistent.

Then, be patient. All good things take time.

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