Lucky 7 ?

They say the number 7 is a lucky number. I say that it has it’s lucky moments, but lucky or not, 7 has become somewhat significant in my life.
At the age of 7, I became a big sister to the youngest in our family-an unexpected but such a welcome and wonderful surprise for all of us! 7 years later, I sadly left my friends and the only home I ever knew and moved with my family from New Jersey to Miami. At the age of 18, I made Jesus Lord, was baptized, and started a new life.  7 Years later, I had the honor of becoming a mother.  7 years after that however, I went through the most difficult part of my life to this day-my divorce. Although I will say that I am very thankful that I did learn much from it and it have grown in such great ways since then.
Now here I am 7 years later, about to celebrate my 39th birthday (tomorrow). What a difference 7 years can make! At age 39, I am the proud mother of two wonderful boys! I am grateful to and more in love with God than ever! I even have the honor of dating the most amazing, intelligent, honorable, and godly man I have ever met!
The number 7 is still quite significant in my life. I had my first date with this amazing man on the 7thmonth of last year! Our first date also came 7 days after one of the most life changing sermons I have ever heard preached in my life! A sermon so powerful, that it helped me make one big decision-a decision that involved complete surrender to God. Little did I know then, that this is what God was waiting for, and once I was ready-I finally met the man of my dreams! Exactly 7 months ago tomorrow, this amazing man and I admitted to each other how we were feeling towards one another while our friendship was getting stronger and we both decided that despite what seemed impossible, we would leave it all in God’s hands and allowed Him to lead the way in our relationship. God has surely been leading it and many doors since!
Needless to say the number 7, lucky or not, has been meaningful in my life.  I don’t know if or how this number will continue to be a part of my life, but I don’t exactly consider myself lucky. I actually consider myself blessed! Blessed beyond measure. For this I am ever thankful to my Awesome God!

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