Amazing God!

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Well, I thought July was the best month ever this year, but this month is starting to top it! From July through today, God has been working in ways I never even imagined in my life. In due time, I shall reveal more details but in the meantime, I will share what God has been teaching me.
For one, God is teaching me to trust Him. Okay, so yes, I think He’s always teaching us to trust Him one way or the other, but this time, it’s with things that are very, very close to my heart. I’ve seen surrender in prayer turn into results that were unimaginable to me! I’ve seen God working in the hearts of my children. I’ve seen God working in circumstances surrounding me that seem impossible to turn around. I know God is powerful, but I don’t really stop often and ponder on how powerful He is in my life personally. I also don’t ponder enough about each day that goes by God is holding me in his hands-literally! I often don’t feel worthy of His love, and in essence I am not worthy, but only through Jesus is this even possible.
I’ve made so many bad choices in my life, but I’ve also made many good choices too. God is blessing those good choices and thankfully He has also forgiven the bad ones. For some reason, He feels I’m worthy of being trusted with my children. He feels I’m worthy of being trusted with my family. He feels I’m even worthy of being trusted with certain special close relationships that I have in my life (one special one in particular).
I don’t know exactly what my future holds, but I know now for certain that this future is a good future. I feel my life in His hands like never before and I am more confident than I’ve ever been about God’s pure and unconditional love for me. He has shown me this in special ways through my children, my family and through one very special person in my life.
I want to express how much 2015 has meant to me. This year has been the year of transformation in my heart-mainly a transformation of trust and surrender. This was only possible through constant prayer, reading and a deeper understanding of scripture, and through the daily encouragement of family and some of my dearest friends. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2016. Something tells me that something big will happen next year. Whatever it is, God is in control and God is good, so I am very much looking forward to it! 

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