My First True Love


Most of us have had or will one day experience our first love. I remember mine. I was 15 years old! It was such an amazing feeling. Years later I realized that although it felt like love, it was really a big crush. In the moment though it felt like so much more.
It took three years later to me to get to really know my true first love-Jesus. I fell in love because He loved me first. He loved me like no one else had ever loved me and still does.  In this new relationship with him I learned so much.
Unfortunately twelve years later I became ungrateful for this amazing love. How could this happen?
Although it seemed complicated at the same, the answer ends up being simple. I made someone else my true love.
My husband at the time became my true love. Well, you may ask, aren’t our spouses supposed to be our one and only true love? The answer is NO. Not when we’ve made the decision to make Jesus lord of our lives.
Yes, I believe our spouses are supposed to be the one we love most on this earth, but only on this earth. When they become more there is a danger.
My danger came when He left God. Soon after I followed. I thought our marriage was strong enough and that since we were best friends we could overcome anything together! Boy was I wrong. Divorce came around the corner soon after we left God. Lesson learned.
The good news though is that God is good, God is always good. God is so good that He forgave me and now I am back in this amazing relationship with Him-my true love.
As a single woman now I am content. I am satisfied. I am happy because I have Jesus. It’s not a religious statement. It’s a fact.
Making Jesus first in my life means obeying His word. It means trusting His word. All of those words found in the bible. It really works! I’ve discovered something that has helped my walk with God be stronger each day. It’s really no secret.
I’ve discovered the magic and beauty of patience. When we practice patience, trust in God becomes so much easier.  
When I made the decision to be patient back in June of this year, things started happening that I never expected! I mean, wow! In time I will share more details about this, but for now I will say that making the decision to be patient really does work!
God’s faithfulness has been so very evident over the last five months. In such short amount of time, I have had so much encouragement! I really feel like a true princess-because that is what I am.
I am the daughter of the living God! That should be enough to make our lives complete. What a privilege that is and today I want to dedicate a moment to thank my awesome father in heaven for his faithfulness. I am so grateful that He is my first true love!

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