More Than I Imagined

View of Mt. Skinner

Gratitude. That is what I’m feeling right now.

It’s funny. We plan things for whatever reason, and then God shows us that there was an even bigger reason why we planned them and why they happened.

I planned a trip to Boston a few months ago having in mind to only visit the city of Boston. Then, as it turns out, I found out about an event that many of the singles throughout New England were having in the Western Mass area (Six Flags to be exact) and so I added that to my itinerary. Then even more happened. I was invited on a group date to Six Flags which turned out to be so much fun!!!

During my time there my date and dear friend suggested I knock off one of the items on my “bucket list”. So he put together a group of people to hike up Mount Skinner, and in the midst of the struggle to get up there (with my sore legs after walking many miles through out Boston and Six Flags combined), he became my motivational coach to keep going until I finally made it!

Then we prayed up there in the view of God’s beautiful nature and majesty. It was unforgettable. To top off the weekend, a group of us watched a really great movie at an amazing woman’s home (she’s one of my sisters in Christ and was so hospitable), but not before sharing lots of laughs (seriously I haven’t laughed that much in a long time!).

Right before going to sleep I spent about 2 hours talking with this sister I stayed with-sharing things from the heart and learning so much about and from each other. We connected in such a great way-and I’m grateful to have made another good friend.

Today is my last full day here in New England. Plans are to go to a Latin Jazz concert tonight. I leave back home tomorrow, but my heart will always be here. I hope to return one day soon.

I know I have a family here now and I’m so grateful for God’s amazing people. We have the same holy spirit that unites us and helps to to connect and encourage each other. After all, God created the church so that we could be in each other\’s lives to help one another like family. It’s so good to know that anywhere in the world I may go, I have my spiritual family.

* I want to say a special thank you to Fernando, Vanessa, Anais, Oby, Caroline, Sarah, and Carolyn for helping me to find a place to stay in both states and/or for opening up their homes to me with open arms.

I look forward to (God willing) many more travels and memories made. I look forward to one day visiting at least one place in every continent (it’s on my bucket list) and making even more friends and great memories!

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