A New Chapter

I can see more clearly every year that God meant for our lives to be a story. A book. A testimony. “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16).

The last two years have been so amazing. I had the chance to build a great friendship with a spiritual, intelligent, respectful, honorable man, who by the way has amazing integrity. I met him at a most unexpected time in my life.

We built a friendship for 10 months before he asked me to be in a steady dating relationship. Then we dated for 14 months. I learned so much during this time. God knew what I needed to grow in and He certainly made sure to give me some great lessons.

Having a long distance relationship for this long is not easy. In fact, it is very difficult and there were times that I wanted to give up. God, however made clear to me that I couldn’t give up and that this is exactly what He was trying to teach me: Patience and Trust in Him. So I learned to trust Him more and follow His lead. Then I prayed for Him to guide my paths every day and so He did, and He still does.

A few days ago, during his last visit, we had some good conversations. We decided to end our dating relationship. Over a year ago, if someone would have told me that break ups could be peaceful, I would have had a hard time believing them. But this one was. I had a sense of peace and I still do because I can see this is God’s will for us at this time in our lives.

I can see how doing things God’s way, brings a peace that transcends all understanding. During our relationship we did things His way. He led the way in our purity and we had the kind of relationship that few people have in the world today. We sought advice and prayed and fasted during the most challenging times.

I am so thankful to God for my friends, both old and new. I am thankful for all the chances I got to travel and all the great fun I had and memories we made. I am thankful that my children were able to witness their mom having a pure dating relationship and that they got to spend some quality time with a spiritual man who grew to care about them deeply.

I am thankful for having met and spent time with his wonderful family, who I will miss dearly. I am thankful for the way God proved to me that “nothing is impossible with God” indeed.

It’s not about getting married, it’s about God doing the impossible throughout our every day walk with Him. It’s about Him doing the impossible during our journey in this life.

He is our God. He is my father and I am most thankful for HIS unconditional love, mercy, grace, and protection. He is my father and husband first and always and I always want Him to be. To HIM be the glory now and always.

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