All Days Ordained For Me (Celebrating 19 years in the faith)

Since Monday, October 22nd, it’s been nineteen years since I’ve been baptized into Christ. I still remember that day like if it was just last week.
I was 18 years old, a freshman at Florida International University. I was thankful for how God had guided me to where I was: The first in my whole family to attend a university and I started right after high school only three weeks after graduation.
I remember wondering what my place in this world was. I saw myself in this big campus and a life full of possibilities. I just didn’t know exactly why I was there. Then, as I was strolling down the campus waiting for my next class to start, a girl invited me to a bible discussion on campus.
I went, listened, and was in awe of how the words of God came alive. I finally began to see how the word of God was truly “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12). I decided to study the bible and build a personal relationship with God and from then on, my life truly began.
Nineteen years later, I am in a whole other chapter of my life. I’ve been through good times and bad times. My life is full of cherished memories. I was part of the campus ministry for four years and I got to reach out to many people who were also baptized into Christ.
So many precious memories were created while at F.I.U. and so many great friendships were forged. After college, I had a chance to work with the teens in church for a few years. Then, I got married and became a mother of two beautiful boys. Sadly I divorced during the time I was away from God and the church (for four years).
I was restored to God and the church almost three years ago and became a part of this great Miami singles ministry. Lately, God has put a special man in my life and we have been dating for exactly 11 months today. He is a blessing in many ways.
Looking at these last nineteen years, it’s clear to me that my father has truly written all the days ordained for me (Psalm 139:16).
I’ve learned that our lives are not a fairy tale and we don’t live “happily ever after”. However, I have also learned that our lives can really be a lot more meaningful and a lot more joyful than the “happily ever after” that we grow up hoping we would have. God has a greater purpose for our lives.
He has created each of us  with a special purpose in mind and has put us in the exact places where we should live (Acts 17:26).
For those of us who are parents, He entrusted us with his children to raise them up to know God and to teach them His ways; to love them and be an example for them. He also knows that we can teach others these things too. So many people that come into our lives are looking for God and our purpose is to help guide them to Him, just like some special women did for me 19 years ago.
I just wanted to take this time to thank my father in heaven who loves me in a way that only He can do. I pray to continue living for him and allowing Him to guide the next chapters of my life, because He knows where to take me. After all, God is the author of my life, and Christ is the author and perfecter of my faith (Hebrews 12:2).

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