Living In The Light

There’s something comforting about light. When we were young, most of us at some point or the other were afraid of the dark and some of us still are. Ever wonder why?

I think it’s because we feel a bit lost. If we can’t see well, we don’t know in which direction we’re heading or if we’re afraid of “monsters” (as many of us were when we were kids) we don’t know if they’ll suddenly show up and surprise us with their very scary faces!

I believe our God created us this way. He created us to be comforted in the light.  It can’t be a coincidence that human kind has this in common.

When it comes to sin, it’s no different.

All of us were born children of God. However we all reach that point in our lives, when we start growing up and our eyes, ears, and minds are exposed to temptation to sin. Temptation is all around us. It can be quite overwhelming at times.

Before I came back to God, I lived a life of darkness. For four years, I did things in secret and things I’m not proud of. At the time, I knew those things were wrong, but I felt powerless and kept falling back into sin again and again. I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of doing. I learned how sin can really overpower me if I don’t live in the light.

So what does it mean to live in the light?

It means to let those deeds or even temptations be exposed. It means we shouldn’t hide those things we are ashamed of, in fact, sharing those sins and temptations with someone or people we trust can really help our consciences be clear and breath a sigh of relief.

Why? Because others are going through similar struggles that we are going through. Because we are not alone in this fight against being overpowered by sin and temptation.

I have learned a lot from different Christians in my church how they fight to stay pure and to stay strong in their relationship with God. Sharing these experiences with each other is so important. One thing to remember is that the devil (Satan) hates the light. He absolutely hates it. Sin will not survive in the light, it will die (don’t know why but I just pictured a vampire turning into vapor in the sunlight:))

Anyway, recently I started having fears again. Fears that I would leave some sins in the dark when tempted in the future. I started fearing that Satan would “overpower’ me with temptation and I may not be able to resist. After prayer and talking to a brother and a sister (great friends of mine), I was encouraged and reminded that Satan will not have power over me if I am sure to stay in the light. If I make sure to be open and honest about temptations and struggles, Satan will not be present because after all, he HATES the light.

So in the end, I have a powerful weapon to fight this that I forgot I had. This weapon is openness and confession and of course prayer must be the central part of it all-Always. I’m not afraid anymore, but I am on alert and cautious. 

I know we must always be on alert (1 Peter 5:8) because the devil does prowl around light a lion looking for something to devour. Remembering this, I will move forward every day, walking hand in hand with my father in heaven in the light of day, where it is safe and where there is no shame.

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