Let’s Just Say….

Since my last post quite a bit has happened in my life. Let’s just say that this summer turned out to be one of the best summers I have ever had so far.

It was full of new adventures. I got to spend quality time with some special friends. I got to travel to Virginia/DC to witness an amazing wedding. While there, I was able to visit the old town of Alexandria with one of my best friends. When I came back..well…let’s just say that reality hit pretty quick!

I am learning a lot about my character lately. It’s funny, once I finally grow in one area of my life, I’m immediately challenged with another. That’s how God works sometimes. That’s one of the reasons I love Him. I know he’s always working in my life.

Let’s just say…my life is never boring. Just when I think “I got this”. God says…”No you don’t”….but I imagine he says it in a very loving way. My sisters in the faith have been there to listen, to encourage and to challenge me.

I’m learning that I am allowing my pride to keep me from being vulnerable and honest. I’m learning that I still have fears in my heart. I have the fear of being hurt again.

I do think that I have been able to open up my heart to the possibility of finding love again, but there are moments that clearly show that those fears (that lie deep within, that have been asleep for quite some time) rise up again from time to time.

That’s when I realize that I am not trusting in God. You see, I know he has a plan for my life. Plans to prosper me and not harm me (Jeremiah 29:11). I know that the path he has led me to in the past couple of years is the right path.

I surrendered my life to him about a year ago. I surrendered my future and the possibility of staying single and just focusing on being a good mom. Sometimes I forget that…but I am reminded once again…and when I remember I feel a sense of peace again.

I remember that God really is in control and that He is Good. God is good. Period. Once I realize that again in my life my perspective changes. I’m once again grateful and my joy returns. Let’s just say…I’m ready once again to take on life’s challenges because I know God is Good, He has a plan for my life and will never harm me.

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